FREE SEO Training In Bengali

Learn SEO for FREE and get a job. It's so simple 😊

Course Module

Who is it for?

Education qualification: Anyone can learn SEO and get a job but Graduate students will get more preferrence to increase their salary in future.

Talent: I don't think you need any special kind of talent to learn SEO. All you need is courage to learn new things everyday, habit to work on Laptop for hours, take responsibility and self-confidence that you can do it. Rest you will learn over time from seniors and by yourself.

Time: You should manage at least 3 hours a day.

System: You can learn from any device that can play the videos but I prefer to arrange a system with a good internet connection, wheather it is desktop or laptop to practice everyday that you will learn.

If you think you have all the qualities and requirements, this course is for you.

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